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This section contains all products linked to one or more of the following: Ari’s choice, new product, award winner, wild food, organic, HACCP certified, gluten free, kosher, clearance.

Ari's Choices

Ari is a chemist and a specialist in sensory analysis. She provides suggestions on how to get the most benefit from Ogourmet fine products. She also gives her best choices, which is a simple, elegant and low-risk way to explore the world of fine foods.


Shelf life is different from expiration date; the former relates to food quality, the latter to food safety.

A product that has passed its shelf life might still be safe, but quality is no longer guaranteed..

In Canada, a durable life date ("best before" date) is not required on prepackaged foods with a durable life of more than 90 days. This statute of limitations does not exist in Europe, where all food products must exhibit their “best before” date. Consequently, some products imported from Europe and sold by Ogourmet may have such a date on the label, even if the shelf life is more than 90 days.

At Ogourmet, our policy is that we don’t sell products that have passed their shelf life, whatever their intrinsic quality or origin.

All products close to the end of their shelf life are sold on clearance at 50 % of their regular price. The clearance section is where Ogourmet customers can find fantastic deals on products still within their recommended shelf life and, in many cases, without any significant or noticeable loss of flavour.

To learn more about shelf life, consult our blog.

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