Fiddleheads - 6.4 fl. oz (Gourmet Sauvage, Quebec, Canada)

Fiddleheads - 6.4 fl. oz (Gourmet Sauvage, Quebec, Canada)

(Gourmet Sauvage)


Ingredients: Fiddlehead, water, natural concentrated lemon juice, sea salt.
Fiddlehead ( Matteuccia strupthiopteris)
Among the hundreds of types of ferns that grow in Canada, only the ostrich fern or fiddlehead fern is used as a fine food. These ferns grow in big colonies in damp habitats, particularly in forests along the banks of waterways.
Fiddleheads contain tannin, which gives them a bitter taste that can be eliminated when preparing a dish. The manner of cooking greatly influences the taste of the final product.
A traditional dish, fiddleheads were a delicious springtime treat for many Amerindian tribes. Tasty and also decorative, fiddleheads can be enjoyed as a main dish or in sauces, salads and soups.

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