Saskatoon Berry Compote - 6.4 fl. oz (Gourmet Sauvage, Quebec, Canada)

Saskatoon Berry Jam - 6.4 fl. oz (Gourmet Sauvage, Quebec, Canada)

(Gourmet Sauvage)

Saskatoon berry jam.
Saskatoon Berry
Canada is home to some twenty species of shadberries or Saskatoon berries. They grow from coast to coast and as far north as the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Their sweet, juicy fruit is reddish or purplish in colour and is similar in size and shape to the blueberry. The Saskatoon berry was of significant economic importance to the Plains Indians who would sun-dry the fruit. The berry was an important ingredient in pemmican **.
** Pemmican: A highly nutritious food traditionally prepared by several Amerindian nations in the western and north-western regions of North America. It consisted of dried buffalo meat pounded into a paste and combined with animal fat and sometimes wild berries.

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