Chuao Dark Chocolate, 70 % - 1.8 oz (Amedei, Italy)

Chuao Dark Chocolate, 70 % - 1.8 oz (Amedei, Italy)


Cacao as you have never tasted it before – something you never knew existed! This bears the flavour of the legendary “Chuao” - the name of the plantation and the Venezuelan peninsula where cocoa beans are cultivated differently, naturally selected over the centuries.
This is the first time that this “natural blend” has been processed and made available in all its purity. In fact, until now it has always been used to add flavour to other chocolates to give them more character. The name Chuao is associated with the legendary cacao of the Mayans, a primeval flavour of the earthly paradise where the “ambrosia of the gods” is grown.
Fresh aroma of cacao and of processed chocolate, with red fruit (cherry, raspberry, red currant) and exotic fruit sensations.
Clean snap, delicate flavour, fresh, acidic, takes possession of the mouth with decisive notes of fully matured red currant and cherry, expanding in all directions. It evolves into a flavour of fresh fruits and closes with a sensation of honey and preserves. Very long-lasting persistence and balanced acidity. An enthralling chocolate.

2008 Gold Medal, category "Best Bean to Bar Dark", Academy of Chocolate, London, UK.
2007 "Golden Bean" Award, Academy of Chocolate, London, UK.
2006 "Golden Bean" Award, Academy of Chocolate, London, UK.

Ari’s comments: One of the best dark chocolates in the world, as the numerous awards won at major international competitions readily attest.
As connoisseurs well know, quality has a price. Give this top chocolate a try. One taste will be a good reference for comparing other chocolates. But you may not want to go back to your old favourites!
Some factors to consider in the analysis of dark chocolates are colour, firmness (the sound when biting is a good indicator), and how the chocolate melts in your mouth and delivers its flavour..

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