Marinated Cattail Hearts - 6.4 fl. oz (Gourmet Sauvage, Quebec, Canada)

Marinated Cattail Hearts - 6.4 fl. oz (Gourmet Sauvage, Quebec, Canada)

(Gourmet Sauvage)

Cattail hearts are harvested before flowering and are marinated in lemon juice with salt. The taste is quite similar to heart of palm. In a word, delicious.

Ingredients: Cattail heart, water, natural concentrated lemon juice, sea salt.
Cattail (Typha latifolis)
What plant better evokes the countryside than the cattail or bulrush? It is a widespread, common plant. In the forest it serves as a food larder, offering something to eat all year long for those who take the time to harvest it. The choice bit in this floral pantry is the heart. For Gourmet Sauvage, cattail hearts are the “caviar” of our wild vegetables.
Gourmet Sauvage harvest them when the plant is at least one meter tall, just before the cattail ear appears. Preserved in lemon juice, cattail hearts have a refined texture and taste.

Ari's comments: If you like palm hearts, you should try cattail hearts. This exotic product can be used as an appetizer topped with a few drops of balsamic vinegar (if you like a salty-sweet combination).

Emphasize and complement the taste of vegetable salads (cut them into long thin strips). And it’s a great topping for soups.

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