Pickled Milkweed Pods - 6.4 fl. oz (Gourmet Sauvage, Quebec, Canada)

Pickled Milkweed Pods - 6.4 fl. oz (Gourmet Sauvage, Quebec, Canada)

(Gourmet Sauvage)

Pickled milkweed pod.

Ingredients: Milkweed pod, water, cider vinegar, organic sugar, spices.

Milkweed (Asclepias syriacus)

Farmers view it as a weed, farm animals won’t touch it and children enjoy bursting its pods. Also known as butterfly weed and cottonweed, it attracts Monarch butterflies, which feed on its nectar. Florists appreciate dried milkweed plants, and gourmets prepare it in several different ways, as the plant offers three different greens depending on the season.

The young shoots that appear in June resemble asparagus. In July the budding flower spikes look like broccoli, and in late July the small slender pods appear. These three greens are similar in taste but vary in texture and appearance and are cooked in different fashion.

Milkweed contains a bitter white sap, and Gourmet Sauvage has worked extensively to find the best way of eliminating all trace of a bitter taste. The result is delicious!

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